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About RMSLive

RMSLive develop software which maximises the use of information technology in achieving workflow efficiency and management information.

RMSLive have been developing software driven by customers needs since 1992. Based in Dublin, Ireland, RMSLive also have offices in Cork, Wexford, Sligo and Leitrim. Internationally we are located in the U.K., Germany, and Russia.

Our primary broadcasting software package includes Radio Management System (RMS) and RMS Studio


RMS is an integrated software package that manages and automates core radio business processes. RMS Studio is an easy-to-use broadcast automation application and play-out system.

RMSLive provides you with a complete integrated solution for all your broadcasting needs, however RMS and RMS Studio are designed to operate independently of each other.

To find out more about these products please go to our Products page.

RMSLive 1-2 Greenmount Office Park, Harolds Cross, Dublin 6W, Ireland.
Tel +353 1 454 8448 | Fax +353 1 454 8555 | Email info@rmslive.com